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Principal investigators

Janice Cooke

Research scientist
University of Alberta
Department of Biological Sciences
CW405 Biological Sciences Building
Edmonton AB T6G 2E9

Phone : (780) 492-0412
Fax : (780) 492-9234
E-mail : Click here to email Janice Cooke
Web page : Click here to access the Web page of Janice Cooke

Research Interests

Janice Cooke is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta.  She began her career in forest tree biology in 1989, and since that time has worked at research institutions in British Columbia, Washington State, Alberta, Florida, and Québec.

Dr. Cooke's research programme seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that play important roles in how forest trees respond to environmental cues, and how these responses condition tree growth and adaptation.  Her group employs a diverse suite of experimental approaches in these investigations, including genomics, physiology, biochemistry, and classical molecular biology. A major research direction for her group is investigating the molecular basis of dormancy and associated processes such as bud formation, growth cessation, seasonal nitrogen cycling, and cold hardiness in white spruce and poplar. These and other dormancy-associated adaptations enable perennial plants such as forest trees to survive Canada's winters.  Bud formation, being linked to growth cessation, is also a determinant of growth and yield.  Dr. Cooke's research aims to characterize cellular and metabolic events that constitute dormancy-related process, and to identify genes that direct these processes.  In the SMarTForests project, she works in collaboration with quantitative geneticists to try to identify the genes that control the onset of dormancy and associated traits in white spruce.  In another project, Dr. Cooke and her group are using genomic and physiological approaches to understand how abiotic factors such as water limitation affect the pine’s allocation of resources into defense against mountain pine beetle and its symbiotic fungal associates.  Dr. Cooke was part of the team that discovered that mountain pine beetle had undergone a host range expansion into the jack pine of the boreal forests.  Her group is now focusing on determining how defenses differ between the co-evolved lodgepole pine host and the naïve jack pine host.


Between 2005 and 2011, Dr. Cooke has authored 27 peer-reviewed publications, given several scientific presentations, and supervised or co-supervised 38 undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scientists and research assistants.  At the University of Alberta, she teaches BOT 205 – Fundamentals of Plant Biology, Bot 340 – Plant Physiology, Bot 445/545 – Plant Molecular Physiology, and Bot 464/564 – Plant Functional Genomics. 


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